Limited Edition USA Weightlifting Lifting Straps


Lift Up Your TEAM!  When you purchase your limited edition USA Weightlifting Lifting Straps, not only are you getting top quality gear for your training, but you are also making a direct contribution to support USA Weightlifting’s 2016 Olympic Team.  With every pair of lifting straps sold, Ryoku will donate 40% of the sale to USA Weightlifting.  Show your support for America’s strongest team, by buying a pair and making a difference!

These limited edition, small batch production, lifting straps are modeled after The Original Ryoku Lifting Straps and are made for durability and ease of use.  They come with the same innovative right- and left-hand specific Fixed Loop™ design created almost twenty years ago.  Our signature Double Bar Tack™ Fixed Loop™ prevents over tightening at the wrists and allows the straps to remain on the wrists during use.  The straps are also ideal for Olympic-style weightlifting since its length allows for quick release of the bar.

Ryoku Lifting Straps are the only straps on the market made from TubeWeb™ nylon tubular webbing.  The flattened tubular construction creates a double layer of webbing that is strong enough to meet military specifications for breaking strength without adding unnecessary bulk to the straps.  The material is also resistant to abrasion*.

Exclusive Limited Edition Features:

  • Red Double Bar Tack™ Fixed Loop™ on our exclusive USA Weightlifting Lifting Straps.
  • Co-branded woven labels.
  • Limited edition packaging.
  • Small production batch; only 500 total pairs will be sold.


  • Webbing type: Tubular nylon webbing
  • Webbing strength rating: 17.8 kilonewtons
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Made in USA

*Coarse knurling on certain Olympic weightlifting barbells currently available on the market may affect the webbing’s ability to resist abrasion.

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